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Rohan Day Four Embossed Metal Magnet

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Introducing the Rohan Day Four Embossed Metal Magnet, a testament to the art of hot rod customization. Every hot rod enthusiast knows that a pristine intake is essential for that satisfying engine purr, and this magnet captures that modification flawlessly.This magnet stands as a perfect tribute to this automotive craftsmanship, whether it’s showcased solo or as part of our exciting collection of hot rod magnets. As part of the magnet product category, it’s crafted from durable metal, boasting dimensions of 3.125″ in width, 1.6″ in height, and a sleek 0.125″ in depth. With a weight of 0.08 pounds, it’s a tangible representation of the passion and dedication of hot rod aficionados. So, whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or just appreciating the art form, this magnet is sure to rev up your decor and remind you of the precision that goes into perfecting these automotive icons.