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Ford V8 Embossed Metal Magnet

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Nothing symbolizes raw American power better than a Ford with a V8 engine, and the Ford V8 Engine Power Magnet pays homage to this legacy. This officially licensed Ford product is a unique addition that effortlessly cuts through refrigerator clutter, just like a Ford truck on a muddy country road. Crafted from embossed metal, it’s not just a decorative piece; it’s a statement of your appreciation for American automotive power. With dimensions of 2.82″ in width, 3″ in height, and a depth of 0.125″, this magnet is substantial and sturdy, weighing 0.5 lbs. Whether you attach it to your toolbox, filing cabinet, or refrigerator, it adds instant character to your surroundings, letting you proudly showcase your love for the legendary Ford V8 engines and their role in American automotive history.